Sunday, February 6, 2011

Grendel Blog to pg 76

The most interesting part of reading Grendel was the togetherness that Grendel believed he had with his mother. He perceived them as one and his only understanding of himself stemmed from the connection with his mother. Grendel’s mother on the other hand seems absolutely uninterested in her son excepted when he gets frustrated with her. Then, she grotesquely tries to force him into her. This scene was difficult for me to read and I felt like, at least to a certain degree, Grendel begins to kill because of his mother’s complete lack of caring. In Chapter Two, Grendel says, “I understood that, finally and absolutely, I alone exist,” during the attack of the bull. He tries to picture his mother, thinking that this will lessen the chaos in his mind. Unfortunately for Grendel, and to a great extent Hrothgar, Grendel’s mother never arrives to save him. This is when Grendel is forced to realize that he is alone. I find this fascinating because in Beowulf, it seems that Grendel and his mother have more of a connection then that. If they did not, why would Grendel’s mother seek such ferocious revenge on Hrothgar’s people? From this portrayal, Grendel’s mother has no emotions whatsoever.

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