Sunday, January 23, 2011

Open Thread on Wit and John Donne

After reading the Donne poems, the one that stood out to me was 'Break of Day'. At first it seemed that Donne was simply speaking about the sunrise and how light affects what we do, i.e. whether we wake up and start our day or lay down and go to sleep. But after spending more time reading into the lines it becomes apparent that Donne is not only speaking about how light and sun affects what we do, but also he is intertwining that message with the fact that his lover is more inclined to get up and leave him in order to tend to her daily life rather than just lay with him, simply because the sun has come up signifying the start of the day. It seems that a question that Donne has that emerges throughout the poem is "Why is it that we seem to think the rising of the sun means that we must do work and tend to business?" It also seems that Donne asks himself the question of "what would happen if a businessman ignored what the sun is 'telling him' to do, and went against the grain and simply stayed in bed?"

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