Saturday, January 29, 2011

Instructions for Commenting on each other's blog posts

Here's what I have on the syllabus:

By ten p.m. Saturday every week on which a revision is not due, you will post a concise response to another person’s essay (you’ll know whose). My expectation is that you will offer a substantive idea which will assist them in revision, by offering a critique of, or extension to, some aspect of their essay. Your goal is to help the other person get an A, if they revise this blog entry.

There's one vital piece of information missing:  whose blog are you supposed to respond to?  Respond to the person who posted immediately before you posted yours; if you were the first person, respond to the last person.

Since I didn't give you that piece of information until now, you have until Sunday night to post your thoughtful comment in response to some else's essay.

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