Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prompt for Next Blog Entry

Consider your deadline Saturday at noon, instead of Thursday, since I'm late posting this.

Introduction:  Reread "Pierre Menard," the relevant material in House of Leaves, including on page 42, and the Don Quixote handout.  You may, if you want to spend a little extra time, read a little more of the context in Don Quixote.

Assignment:  First, think through everything we talked about in class, then do the following.

1)  Give and justify your viewpoint, possibly based on class discussion, of how we should understand Danielewski's use of Borges' use of Cervantes.  How, in other words, should we interpret this passage in Danielewski?

2)  Pick another passage from any part of House of Leaves, which you think either is related to the passage on page 42, or which can be productively interpreted doing it.  Then, discuss how and why we should read that chosen passage differently, with the lessons or meaning from the passage on page 42 in mind.

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